Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Remove the Clutter

    August 1, 2003

You have let the technolgy get in the way of the message, that is why you are not getting any sales. Until you get your message clear it is not important how technically accessible your site is, – no-one is going to bother checking the site out.

From your current site info I guess that your real message is something like —

“Unique, handcrafted T-Shirts made to order – For that something special to make you stand out from the crowd see our range of existing designs, or contact us to have your own idea or design made by our exerienced designers. Fast, friendly service.”

Your Home page needs to “hook” potential customers for T-shirts, not promote a logo designer, so drop all the clutter and make the message clear.

For visitors who do not want to design their own have a seperate section with your designs allowing the visitor to select a design as they browse so that when they come to order the design details are already in place – just size, payment and postal details required.

For visitors wishing to design their own image you need to get a dialogue going by email, fax or phone.

It is your T-shirts I want to buy, not your webdesign skills – so keep it simple, quick, clean and easy.


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