Running Out Of Disk Space

    June 9, 2003

I am continuously running out of disk space – I have deleted temp files, etc. This resulted in a small amount of relief. I found lots of Cookies files and Temp files in Windows directory. Can/should all of these be deleted? If so, what’s the quickest way?

Don Woodley

Hi Don!

If you’re continuously running out of disk space, deleting Internet Cookies and Temp files is not going to help you.

I would recommend you uninstall any software you don’t use by going to the Add/Remove Programs icon in your Control Panel.

Your computer has reserved a certain amount of hard disk space for your Internet temp files, so it would be more effective to simply instruct the computer to reserve LESS space.

Internet cookies are tiny little text files. You could have thousands of them fit on a floppy disk. Erasing them won’t free up much space at all, and then you lose the cookies which remember your preferences to web sites you visit.

You can delete the entire contents of the folder C:WindowsTemp. There is nothing in there you will ever need.

If you still don’t have much room left, I’m afraid your only solution is to purchase a new hard disk. Or you may have to sacrifice things you have downloaded from the Internet, such as MP3s or if you store many pictures. These can consume enormous amounts of hard disk space.

If you have a CD-RW drive, I’d recommend burning your pictures and MP3s (if you have any) to CD and then deleting them from your hard disk.

Hope this helps,

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