Rumor Pairs Hulu, Disney In New Partnership

    March 27, 2009

Hulu may be about to get huge.  A new rumor has the video-sharing site in negotiations with the Walt Disney Company, and if all goes well, it’s reasonable to expect that Hulu would gain access to content from popular average-viewer brands in addition to some kid-friendly stuff. 

Hulu Logo

The Walt Disney Company actually owns television channels ABC and ESPN.  Plus, on the movie side of things, there’s Pixar Animation Studios, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax Films.  So Hulu stands to receive quite a few interesting videos if a deal goes through.

As for what it would have to give up in return, an unnamed source told Staci D. Kramer, "The Walt Disney Company could wind up with an equity stake in Hulu."  Which is what NBC Universal and News Corp, Hulu’s founding partners, have as well.

The only problem might be in having all parties agree upon the size of Disney’s stake.  Since NBC and News Corp assumed a certain amount of risk by backing Hulu from the beginning, they probably won’t want Disney to strut in now and grab an equal share.

Stay tuned.  (Potential) content deals don’t come much bigger than this.