Revision3 Goes Mile High With Virgin

    January 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

A partnership between Virgin America and online TV network Revision3 places several shows on the airline’s in-flight entertainment network.

Starting in March, Revision3 programming will be part of several Virgin America flights. Revision3 joins the Red system’s programming for passengers traveling between the seven cities served by the airline.

“The discriminating flier that chooses Virgin America is the same person that wants to enjoy programming about the subjects they are passionate about – music, technology, comedy, comics and movies,” Jim Louderback, Revision3 CEO, said in a statement.

In-flight services have broadened over the past few years, as airlines look for ways to distract passengers from what can be a cramped, expensive travel experience. By making some of the services available for a fee, an airline may gain some additional profit on a typical flight.

As a smaller carrier coming out of big cities with likely a more sophisticated customer base, Virgin America can take a chance on Revision3 appealing to its passengers. Since one destination, San Francisco, is in the heart of the tech industry, Revision3 should find some fans flying in and out of SFO.