Resources for Gettting More Out of YouTube

    February 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

YouTube has made helping users a priority lately. This tradition continues with a couple of announcements.

Users Helping Users

The first announcement is an extension of what YouTube has already been doing in allowing users to submit their own help videos. YouTube chooses the ones they liked best and applied them to their appropriate sections in the Help Center.

They have now decided to keep the ability to submit help videos as a standing feature on YouTube. Users can submit them at any time by going to the Help Center and going to the upload gadget in the top right-hand corner.

Uploading Help Center Videos on YouTube

"Pick the entry you think is funny, incomplete, too short, whatever! You can share tips you’ve discovered while using YouTube, tell your story through a funny sketch, a song, an animation — we’re sure you can come up with lots more ideas than us!" says Colin W. the Help Center Guru of the YouTube Help Team. "We’ll take a look at what you put together and will embed the ones that best accompany each article right there on the Help Center, where millions of YouTube users will see it."

YouTube - Stephanie Liu MashupMashing it Up

The second announcement is for developers interested in including YouTube in their mashups.

"You may have noticed that YouTube became more social a couple of months ago with the addition of the "Recent Activity" box to YouTube channels," explains Stephanie Liu of the YouTube APIs and Tools Team. "Well, the YouTube API is now following suit by providing activity feeds for integration into other apps and sites. Before you ask, the API respects all privacy settings, so the user still has complete control over what does or does not appear in the feed."

Liu has linked to the following resources for further details on this:

YouTube API Blog post
Protocol guide
PHP guide
Java guide
Activity viewer sample in PHP (source)

YouTube’s announcement reflects its dedication to the user experience. This has been a continuing theme with YouTube and Google in general. While there are certainly beefs between users and Google, you can’t say they don’t provide extensive resources on how to better use their products from their array of blogs to their help centers.