Report: Most Businesses To Give Windows 7 Wide Birth

    April 13, 2009

Professionals who still use XP machines shouldn’t plan on acting out a certain equipment destruction scene from "Office Space" anytime soon.  A new report indicates that, even though Windows 7 will be released in the near future, it may be quite some time before the average company decides to deploy the new operating system.

It’s inarguable that XP is old.  It’s also true that a lot of businesses passed over Vista.  But just the same, when Dimensional Research surveyed 1,100 IT professionals, it found that less than 20 percent of organizations intend to deploy Windows 7 in its first year on the market.

Windows 7

As for what’ll happen next, Paul McDougall reported, "Fewer than half of the IT pros surveyed, 42%, said their organizations planned to deploy Windows 7 within 12 to 24 months of release, 24% said they would wait 24 to 36 months, and 17% said they would wait more than 36 months to migrate to Windows 7."

The Vista experience seems to have made corporations nervous about new operating systems, never mind that early reviews of Windows 7 have been quite positive.  This may spell bad news for end users and Redmond.

If an upcoming $100 million search campaign goes well, perhaps Microsoft should keep JWT around to promote Windows 7, as well.