Report: Massive Ads Coming To YouTube

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Anyone not already using Adblock Plus may want to make the switch soon.  Rumor has it that YouTube, Google’s hard-to-monetize video site, is going to go after unprotected users by introducing some really big ads on its homepage.

On the one hand, this move is rather natural; think of it in comparison to speaking up when someone can’t hear you.  Users who don’t click on ads have probably stuffed cotton into their figurative ears, though, so shouting at them doesn’t demonstrate a lot of subtlety.

YouTube Ad
 Current YouTube Ad

Anyway, Michael Learmonth reports, "Advertising sources say YouTube is revamping the homepage to accommodate a huge new banner ad that will span the entire width of the page.  The ad will is roughly the same height as the current video ad unit on the upper right of the page, and designed to accommodate high-definition video . . . .  Sources who have seen the unit describe it having multiple tabs that activate when rolled over by a cursor."

And however these ads resonate with users, advertisers are sure to embrace the idea of getting such prominent placement on a popular site.  Compete claims that over 60 million people visited YouTube in July, so if even half of them passed through the homepage, huge numbers are at stake.

We still like Valleywag’s headline from when AOL pulled a similar stunt – "When the going gets tough, AOL makes its ads huger" – but to be fair, YouTube’s creeping towards profitability with this change.

Report: Massive Ads Coming To YouTube
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  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – Ecommerce Web Design

    That’s disappointing to hear. Especially considering Google are behind one of the biggest web advertising companies. I find it hard to believe that YouTube is unprofitable.

  • Sherman Activa

    Is the googl creeping closer to anti-trust and restraint of trade?  My opinion.  They are already there based on their exclusive deal with Dish Network and possibly others.  Let’s have an investigation party!  Find the secret goog deals that restrain trade and are anti-competitive and post them here.  😉

  • http://www.madsdam.net Mads Dam

    If ads disappeared,

    then a few people would be less rich,

    but everything would be cheaper…

  • http://www.madsdam.net Guest

    If ads disappeared, then

    a few people would be less rich,

    but everything would be much cheaper…

  • http://www.madsdam.net Mads Dam

    If ads disappeared, then

    a few people would be less rich,

    but everything would be much cheaper…

  • http://timothymccorkell.journalspace.com/ Timothy McCorkell

     And how much does it cost?

  • http://www.insidehoops.com InsideHoops.com

    If all ads disappeared, or everyone used ad blocker, 99% of the web’s best sites would shut down or become subscription sites, including every newspaper site, espn and every big sports site, and just about everything else that’s big and great. Select few good blogs would remain. Tons of awful blogs would be around, too. Don’t promote ad blocker.

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    I do believe that ads are still a necessity in order to keep prices down. Example of newspaper in Singapore. It is due to ads that brings the cost down otherwise we have to pay more $$$ to get it. Same goes to magazines, it is the ads that keeps the magazine affordable.

    I think that there must be a balance. There should not be flooding of ads and no value content. As long as we have a balance between ads and content, it should be okay.

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