Report: High Point Passed For Some Holiday eCommerce Traffic

    December 16, 2008

Here’s hoping eCommerce sites are satisfied with the number of shoppers they’ve received so far this season; a new Hitwise report makes it look like things have already crested in at least one respect.  Yet there may be ways for retailers to succeed, and consumers are certainly in a good position.

Let’s start with the simple facts.  According to Robin Goad, high street businesses saw traffic levels shrink between December 6th and December 13th.  The move was significant enough to cause UK visits to Hitwise’s entire Shopping and Classifieds category to drop 0.5 percent.

Uk Traffic
 (Credit: Hitwise)

Online-only retailers are still gaining ground, however, and Goad writes, "This contrasts with last year, when traffic to both categories fell during the equivalent week.  One thing that this may imply is that customers have become more trusting of later final order and delivery dates."  So whether a business has a brick and mortar location or not, punctuality is certainly a good thing to emphasize.

For some other suggestions, consider turning to Greg Hintz, the general manager of Yahoo Shopping.  In an interview with Abby Johnson, he gave four ideas for retailers to use as they optimize campaigns.  It’s hard to imagine someone being in a better position to dole out such tips.

Finally, we haven’t forgotten the customers’ side of the equation.  Cliff Hopkins, the senior director of North America marketing for PayPal, recently issued some online shopping advice in a podcast.

Good luck achieving an ideal outcome whatever your situation.