RC2 Review Bodes Poorly For Vista

    October 9, 2006

The timely release of Microsoft Vista hinges, in large part, on the performance of Microsoft Vista Release Candidate 2.

Judging from John Clyman’s review of RC2, that January launch is looking unlikely – Clyman described his experience as a “rollercoaster ride.”

In an article for PC Magazine, he wrote, “I was eager to get started with what I hoped would be a production-quality product with just a few rough edges left to smooth out. But shortly after logging in, I encountered painfully sluggish performance, as well as some interface glitches of a sort that I haven’t seen for months.”

“One of my systems was plagued with problems like screen-redraw bugs and vanishing icons,” Clyman continued. “My first few hours using Vista RC2 on my desktop system were, frankly, frustrating. I’m thoroughly accustomed to the shortcomings of pre-production software, of course, but I was expecting better from something dubbed Release Candidate.'”

Clyman offered an online walkthrough, which details his experiences in 35 slides.

Partway through the testing, the encounter improved.

“After I finished installing and configuring all my essential software and rebooted the system, the problems vanished,” he wrote.

“Performance still doesn’t seem as snappy as I’d like, and operations like sleeping and resuming sometimes – though not always – take surprisingly long to complete. But on the whole, RC2 seems stable and usable. The applications I need are running fine. Consequently, I’m beginning to temper my negative first impressions.”

Still, an operating system that only “operates” half the time probably isn’t ready to ship.

Clyman felt the same way, saying, “If my experience is at all typical, it’s not there yet.”


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