Pushing Offensive Content Off Google Front Page

    April 11, 2007

Dear Kalena…

On my personal Google page I have noticed some defamatory posts about me from an obscure chat room I was involved in 5 years ago. I’m being accused of posting there now as someone else. I have contacted the webmaster of the relevant site but he refuses to delete the offending posts. Any idea how to adjust my 1st page Google index to push these ugly things out of the way?

Thanks David

Kalena’s Answer:

Dear David

That’s not too difficult. If the information is offensive and/or defamatory, you can always threaten the Webmaster with legal action unless they remove it from their site.

If the Webmaster does not believe the information warrants removing and you have no legal options (e.g. the information is protected by freedom of speech or similar), you will just have to optimize some pages on your site for your own name and/or build some links from popular sites to your site using your name in the link text to ensure you rank higher than the offensive content. If you have an unusual surname, this should be easily achieved.