Preliminary Corporate Blogging Survey Results

    June 8, 2005

Backbone Media has released some preliminary results from their onging corporate blogging survey….

…it appears getting information or content out to an audience is very important, as is building a community. Surprisingly to me, ‘thought leadership’ though highly ranked was not the highest priority when a blogger was thinking of launching their blog.

One interesting difference in initial priority to actual results was ‘increasing sales’. That priority had been more important than boosting search engine rankings and gaining more links than initial expectations, but results indicate that as a factor ‘increasing sales’ achieved less results than ‘boosting search engine rankings’, ‘increasing links’, and ‘getting product feedback from customers’.

They write that they have problems finding corporate bloggers willing to answer their questions. That means – among other things – that these results probably aren’t very credible. Not yet. Hopefully more will answer and make coming results valuable to our understand of corporate blogging.

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