P&G Expands Word of Mouth Efforts

    April 17, 2006

Using Tremor’s hard-earned insights on word of mouth (WOM) marketing to teens, P&G is asking Mom to spread the word through its new WOM venture, Vocalpoint.

After reading the Advertising Age article I sent her, my wife registered with Vocalpoint (media relations at work.). She just received her welcome package and I’m impressed. Vocalpoint strikes a careful balance using no-frills packaging that is clearly branded to establish credibility. This keeps the focus on the product samples which included Iams, Crest and Pantene Pro-V in this mailing.

But the service extends past P&G’s house of brands. Other clients include WD-40, Animal Planet, People’s Choice Awards and ABC. The TV networks get input for their programming through Vocalpoint’s web site. For example ABC’s new show “What About Brian.”

P&G’s role as a trusted broker, protecting the consumer while offering an instant WOM network to clients, has proven successful. P&G reports 225,000 teens and 500,000 moms have registered to date.


The success of these programs are due, in part, to four characteristics.

Simplicity: The Tremor and Vocalpoint sites are brief and concise, yet clearly branded as P&G ventures.

Honesty: Vocalpoint’s FAQ is straightforward in stating it expects members to participate in the programs, share opinions and feedback and spread the word about the products to friends. “Members create their own word of mouth marketing campaigns.” Consumer-generated marketing anyone?

Exclusivity: Members get access to items before other consumers and can help improve them before they hit the shelves. This increases their interest in a product and ensures a second wave of buzz once it is fully launched.

Privacy: Privacy quickly becomes a non-issue. Privacy buttons and text disclaimers are constant reminders that personal info will “NEVER be sold to third parties.”

If anything interesting comes up during my wife’s membership in the “Mom WOM Army,” I’ll let you know.

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