Paris Air Show Takes Flight

    June 13, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Thousands of visitors are expected as over 200 airplanes and helicopters go on display today.

Airbus has brought its 555 seat A380 superjumbo jet to the 46th Paris Air Show today at Le Bourget. French president Jacques Chirac inaugurated the show this morning.

Flying displays will take place each day of the air show. Civilian aircraft like the A380 and the Boeing 777-240LR, and military aircraft like the F-15 and France’s Rafale, will be on display.

This is aviation’s big trade show, and the first few days of the Air Show will, as always, be limited to members of the aviation industry. One widely reported piece of business will be the competition between Boeing and Dassault Aviation to secure a twenty unit order for fighter jets from Singapore.

US and French Air Force planes will be among the many taking part in the flying displays. Also, the organizers have added a recreational aviation exhibition area for the first time. This area will feature numerous stands and workshops, and displays of craft like autogyros and ultra-lights.

Two retired Concordes will be on display at the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget. One of those Concordes is the 001 prototype, the first Concorde ever built. The Concordes were retired from service due to low passenger numbers in 2003.

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