Pandora Back Atop Apple’s App Store

    July 15, 2009

Pandora’s music discovery app has returned to its rightful place atop the Apple App Store. Sirius XM Radio gave them a pretty good run in the music category, edging out Pandora for several weeks. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be though.

Which do you prefer: Sirius XM or Pandora? Tell us.

Pandora on iPhoneWhat is the huge draw for Pandora versus Sirius XM for iPhone and iPod Touch radio fans? Unlike Sirius, Pandora is free for all (except a select few users).

Apple users tend to gravitate toward free content. Who can blame them… after paying for unlimited data, who wants to pay another subscription fee?

Sirius XM did give Pandora a "run for the money" with more than a million downloads in a short few weeks. It should be noted that the company hasn’t released any official numbers of new service agreements, which will ultimately tell if the Sirius XM app is a success.

With Pandora’s rapidly growing customer base (around 18 million), when do you expect the company to re-tool their monetization efforts? Do you think they’ll try charging a minimal fee for the service? Tell us what you think.