Pageflakes Rumors Swirl

    June 28, 2007

A number of details remain unknown, but according to some reports, Pageflakes is going to become “more of a social network.”  Pageflakes was previously best known for its personalized webpages.

Now, however, “Startpage Pageflakes is preparing [the] latest version of its offering, entitled Blizzard,” reports Mashable’s Kristen Nicole.  “The launch was originally planned for today, but has been pushed back until July to incorporate more feature requests from users.”

Neither Mashable (which provides a disclaimer saying Pageflakes is a sponsor) nor the Pageflakes site itself provides a more specific date.  The Next Net and TechCrunch, which are also covering these developments, didn’t have that information, either.

As for the update itself, some features of Blizzard sound interesting, but remain up in the air.  “Included in this newest version may be more Pagecasts from media companies such as CBS, The Washington Post and People,” according to Nicole – and those would be some powerful partners, indeed – but “these too are liable to change.”

In other words, we may still have all buzz and no bee.

Hopefully that’ll change in the near future, however.  And don’t disregard these rumors as a Pageflakes publicity stunt – an editor’s note at Mashable states, “Pageflakes isn’t particularly happy about this story coming out now, especially since the features won’t be live until July.  However, since some blogs have jumped the gun a little, we thought we’d try to clear up some points . . .”