Orchard Plants Himself At Del.icio.us

    July 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Les Orchard, author of “Hacking del.icio.us,” has been in the process of making his way to Silicon Valley, where he will work for the Yahoo-owned Delicious bookmarking service.

Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny noted the pending new employee arrival in late June, and welcomed him to the fold. The newlywed Orchard gave up living in Eminem’s backyard for the chance to dwell in Silicon Valley.

Orchard authored the recently released “Hacking del.icio.us,” and also “Hacking RSS and Atom.” Now that he has moved in to Delicious HQ, Orchard introduced himself via the del.icio.us blog with a “Hello world” nod to coder everywhere:

Dealing with a cross-country move and new employee orientation, my head’s still spinning faster than my hard drive platters. But, very shortly, I’ll be pitching in to help enhance and expand del.icio.us. I’m hoping to make use of lessons I picked up in writing my last book, as well as any other tricks I’ve stuffed into my head over the years. I’m not allowed to talk about all the ultra-awesome stuff on the horizon, but I can say that I’m geeked to be here!

A new developer isn’t the only additions Delicious has made recently. Earlier this month, the bookmarking service revealed some new features for its users.

Internet Explorer users now have access to the same extension Firefox users have had for Delicious. This places the delicious buttons to view and add bookmarks to one’s account to IE.

People who share bookmarks with other Delicious users by tagging them as for:username have an extra piece of functionality available. Delicious now shows the number of new links tagged that way at the top of the Delicious user’s page, in “links for you.”

Lastly, TypePad bloggers will now see Delicious support for TypePad widgets. This support will make it easier for those bloggers to add tagrolls and linkrolls to an existing blog, without editing a template.


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