Only Video Footage of Anne Frank Appears on YouTube

    October 5, 2009
    Chris Crum

The only known video footage of Anne Frank has been posted on YouTube by The Anne Frank House museum of Amsterdam. This is a fascinating look at how new media can preserve history.

The footage shows the wedding of Anne Frank’s neighbor on July 22, 1941. Take a look:

The Anne Frank House launched an Official Anne Frank YouTube channel last week. Apart from the actual footage of Frank, it also features other videos regarding her. This includes Nelson Mandela talking about her famous diary, virtual museum clips and other historical and educational materials.

"YouTube is keen to support the project because of the importance of making this content easily available to the wider public," says Mascha Driessen, Head of YouTube and Display Google in the Netherlands. "We hope this YouTube channel will help broaden the reach of the Anne Frank House, its educational power and its message of tolerance.”

YouTube users can of course subscribe to the channel and be informed automatically when new clips are added. They can also submit their own films regarding Anne Frank. What the Anne Frank House considers to be the best ones will be added to the channel.