Online Video Viewing Up

    December 6, 2007

Online video remains popular with close to two-thirds of Internet users viewing video online each week.

Online Video Viewing UpNews and user-generated content are the most viewed categories, followed by movie previews and music videos. TV shows round out the top five. The data comes from a TV-Internet study by Horowitz Associates.

Missing an episode originally broadcast on TV is the main reason Internet users watch a program online. Eighteen percent said they watched a show online after viewing it on TV the first time.

Twenty percent of users said they watched an episode online because of a recommendation from a friend. Eighteen percent watch a TV show online exclusively. Just 16 percent of Internet users watch a TV show online. ABC and NBC are the most popular networks and, Grey’s Anatomy is the most popular show viewed online. Overall video content watched online is up 36 percent.

Mobile video viewing remains a small piece of the overall online video market. Twenty-seven percent of Internet users have a mobile that is video enabled. Thirty-five percent watch video on their devices at least once weekly, and 62 percent once monthly. An increase of 8 percent from a year ago.