Online Video Search Frustrating

    February 28, 2007

In a new nationwide online survey done by market researcher Synovate for ClipBlast, an Internet video search platform, finds that Americans are experiencing difficulty when it comes to searching for specific online video. Forty percent said that they found searching for video online to be “frustrating” or “inconsistent.”

The survey was conducted in February and asked 1,000 Americans what their least favorite aspect was about video on the Web. Four out of ten said the process of searching for videos was “frustrating – it’s too difficult for me to find exactly what I’m looking for,” or “inconsistent – it’s too tough to find quality video productions.”

An additional 32 percent said Web video was “too commercial – there are too many video ads.” Another 16 percent believed that “it’s chaotic – there are too many videos to wade through.” As for user-generated content it remains popular with only 12 percent complaining that there is too much of it available.

“Overall, while consumers have embraced online video, they’re concerned about the frequently daunting process of locating the videos they want to see,” said Gary Baker, CEO, ClipBlast! “It’s a variation of the tree falling in the forest. It’s easy to find video online, but finding the right video – the video you want, when you want it – remains an obstacle for many.”

When it comes to video ads online Americans are seeing plenty much to their displeasure. Close to 32 percent of those surveyed said there are “too many video ads.” Out of the 35-44 demographic 41 percent said they were particularly concerned with the “commercial” nature of online video, while 27 percent over 55 and 28.5 percent 18-24 were relatively unconcerned.

On online video advertising Baker said,” Ultimately, advertising will win the day as the means for generating revenue – the TV model will translate online, so paid access won’t be the way.”
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