Online TV Viewers More Attentive Than Traditional Types

    January 7, 2008

Lots of people use their televisions to generate background noise; rather few folks seem to use their computersOnline TV Viewers More Attentive Than Traditional Types for this purpose.  You shouldn’t be shocked, then, to discover that viewers of online TV shows are a little more tuned-in than their couch potato counterparts.

A Simmons study examined how this trend might affect advertisers.  According to MarketingCharts, "Viewers are 47% more engaged in ads shown during TV programs shown online than those shown on programs watched on a TV set . . ."

Also, "People are 18% more engaged with ads in online versions of magazines compared with print versions; they are also 15% more engaged in magazine articles online than in print magazines."

So even as the American economy does who-knows-what (and fresh predictions put oil at $200 per barrel), the Web should continue to receive marketers’ money.  Not that this is exactly a new conclusion, but it’s nice to associate some data with the theory.

In the same sense (and on another subject), the Simmons study should provide striking writers with even more reasons to put content online.