Online Shoppers Unmoved By Fast Retail

    May 17, 2007

Retail stores promote ordering items on their Web sites and then offer consumers the option of quickly being able to pick the item up.

Most consumers however do not need to pick up items ordered online at a store quickly, according to a JupiterResearch study conducted with Ipsos Insight.

In reality, 21 percent of respondents expected their order to be ready within a week, not the hour or less promoted by some retailers. A quarter of respondents expected their order to be ready the next day.

Only 6 percent expected the item to be ready in under a half hour, and 13 percent wanted it ready within an hour.

Internet Retailer noted that "Circuit City and CompUSA have been particularly aggressive in promoting short pickup times at their stores."

On a personal note I think it would depend on what the item was I was ordering online that would determine how soon I would want to pick it up.  For example I would feel more urgency to pick up a new TV set than I would a microwave.

Patti Freeman Evans of Jupiter said, "It’s a nice marketing message, but you don’t have to have it ready that fast. I don’t know anyone who can get up from their computer, get into their car and get to the store in five minutes."