Online Holiday Shoppers Remain Satisfied

By: Mike Sachoff - December 9, 2008

Even with a decrease in online shopper satisfaction on Cyber Monday year-over-year, customer satisfaction with retail Web sites has remained steady ever since, according to ForeSee Results’ weekly holiday benchmark.

Online Holiday Shoppers Remain Satisfied

Satisfaction last week is on par with satisfaction on Cyber Monday (from 75.3 on the study’s 100-point scale on Cyber Monday to 75.5 the following week).

"The fact that satisfaction with online shopping has stayed up this year during such a difficult economy makes me cautiously optimistic that we’re going to have a better e-retail season than originally predicted," said Larry Freed, President and CEO of ForeSee Results.

"We usually see satisfaction maintain or rise slightly after Cyber Monday, and it’s excellent to see the same pattern this year, when nothing else has been predictable or normal in any way."

Customer satisfaction with online prices is down slightly from the previous week, due to the decrease in big discounts and promotions the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Satisfaction with site performance dipped on Cyber Monday as high traffic levels affected Web sites, but has since returned to previous levels as traffic stabilized.

Shoppers are less likely to purchase online this week than they were on Cyber Monday (because of fewer deals and discounts), but still more likely to buy online than they were at any time in November. The likelihood to purchase online is higher this week than it was the weekend after Thanksgiving.

"We were all hoping that Cyber Monday would be just the beginning of a series of high volume, high sales points throughout the holiday season, and it looks like that’s happening," said Freed. "Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the holiday shopping period will separate the companies who are able not only to survive this year, but to thrive from those that will be closing their doors in January."


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