Number of New Twitterers Declines

    December 3, 2009
    Chris Crum

We’ve been looking at Twitter’s growth on a monthly basis, in terms of new user registrations and number of tweets. In October, new Twitterers were down, but tweets were up.

November’s numbers paint a similar picture. Matthew Daines, the lead developer of Twellow, has shared a couple of new graphs for last month.

"It looks like new registrations continue to decline, yet tweets continue to increase," he says. "If you take the number of tweets sent divided by the number of users registered, November saw 9.5 tweets per registered user. This is up from 9.3 in October, and continues an upward trend for the entire year, except July which saw 10.5 tweets per user."

Twitter Registrations in November


Tweets in November

"Considering there are quite a few suspended and idle accounts, the tweets per active user is really going to be much higher," he notes. "I have no way of knowing how many active users there are, but it’s apparent that current users are using Twitter more than ever."

Sidenote: As Alexander Barbara, the founder of EasyTweets recently pointed out, the Twitter API gets hundreds of millions of queries a day.

Now that Twitter seems to be developing an ongoing trend with these numbers, it will be interesting to see if it turns around. My guess is that new user registrations will go back up in time. Twitter is still young, and is starting to show more signs of increased usefulness with the release of things like the Lists feature, and the announcement of more personalized user recommendations.

November was a big month for Twitter as a service. The new retweet feature rolled out, they made geotagging available via an API, they changed the "What are you doing?" question to "What’s Happening?" for updates, it landed a number of words in the dictionary, and it entered a partnership with LinkedIn to name a few things.


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