Notes on Microsoft Presentation at Where 2.0

    June 13, 2006

From Where 2.0, notes from Stepen Lawler’s Microsoft presentation…

Microsft has a goal of providing global access to local knowledge via Windows Live Local. The new release brought on real time traffic counts, more International coverage (30 countries) mapping, routing, directions.. all available via the API.

Expanding birds-eye coverage in the US and the UK (80% coverage is planned). MS is providing imagery that is 5 inch resolution, with viewing enabled from different angles.

Street-side is another technology that enables the user to get up close and feel like they are driving the streets with viewing enabled from multiple perspectives.

Some interesting demos of applications using the MS tools including a cool app incorporating real-time weather data monitoring the storm which recently passed through the Gulf of Mexico and displayed an oil company’s assets that may be affected by the storm.

Of particular interest in the session was mention that the acquisition of Vexcel Corp by the company is what’s enabling the collection of high-resolution imagery that will cover some 80% of the US and the UK..

Stay tuned for more on that. Also of signifigance moving forward is the addition of local knowledge and social mapping… a common theme discussed so far here at Where 2.0. See

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