No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking

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When it comes to surfing the Internet, sex is getting licked by social networking and the ability to connect with people based on more than just hormonal urges.

Social Networking more popular than sex?
No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking
social networking sites have more to offer

Ha ha, let’s all say it together. Interest in sex is going down online.

Social networking, through sites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, and a bunch more, have drawn a lot more attention. Bob Caswell at Computers.net TechConsumer wrote of The Economist’s report on the downward shift for sex as the draw of social networking continues to grow.

Data from analysis firm Hitwise suggests the two content categories will change places soon. Based on US website visits, the change began in late 2006 and has persisted through early 2007.

Caswell thinks that based on his work with fixing computers infected via visits to adult sites, the online experience differs between adult and social networking sites as an issue of respect:

So many times the problem was porn, not in a "breaking up the family" sort of way but more in a "I ventured off to one site and now my computer is useless because of popups, redirects, and background changes" way. Why must curiosity toward sex be misinterpreted as an invitation for complete loss of control of one’s computer?

The idea of sex on the Internet doesn’t really bother me. But the idea of sex on the Internet being connected to a virus-like, "we now control your computer" response is extremely annoying.

The potential for profiting from those types of installations is just a mirror of how making money online has changed. At one time, adult spams invited people to sign up for that content. But other sites, and as Pete Cashmore suggested at Mashable, P2P, offer it for free.

Spam has shifted to being more about infecting computers to install adware or turn the PC into a bot. There’s more financial incentive to do this. It isn’t surprising that sites with less than prurient content would be hosts to drive-by malware downloads that accomplish the same thing; they have lost their ability to get people to pay for porn.

Social networking doesn’t have this problem, except for the occasional embedded content exploit. Appeal comes not just from meeting other people, but from being able to experiment without requiring a binary equivalent of antibiotics for one’s PC afterwards.

No Thank You Sex, We’re Networking
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  • Bam

    Horse Shit. Social Networking is used for sex.

  • flashback99

    Well, reading that was a waste of 5 minutes.

  • Random Guy

    Nice job with the research. The reason Social Networking sites are so popular is the prospect of REAL SEX. Sex always has, and always will be the driving factor behind everything we do. Try some more critical thinking and actually exploring some of the sites you write articles about next time.

    • Random Guy

      The computer ‘guy’ you supposedly interviewed for the article does not know what he is talking about, I see more computers that get hit from hacked ‘social networking’ pages now than adult sites.

  • http://sexcenter.com Sex Center

    Social networking & sex don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, you may have left out the part where sex is all over "social networking." It’s embedded so deep, that even you have mistaken sex morph as something else.

    Watch and see, the next five years will be very interesting. Our interest in sex will be completely inter twined with the what is now current phenomenon with Facebook, YourSpace, Flicker, digg, etc. Our next generation of social networks will be bolder and more expressive of the people’s true colors. In short, social networks will largely be for sex and about sex (for adults).

    BTW, hopefully you won’t consider this post as spam with the signature below :-)

    SexCenter.com Admin

  • http://ajseoservices.com Jyoti365

    How much ever we try or say or conduct survey about sex but it cant have diminishing effect .

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