Nielsen Also Puts Bing Up In November

    December 16, 2009

Earlier today, we relayed comScore’s figures for the search market during November 2009.  Now, Nielsen’s statistics covering the same timespan have been made public, and although both companies agree that Bing did well, a lot of the other details differ.

Whereas comScore believes Google gained a bit of ground on a month-over-month basis, Nielsen indicated that the search giant lost some – 0.7 percent since October, to be exact, landing it with a share of 65.4 percent.

Also, although both firms are convinced that Yahoo slipped, Nielsen puts the loss at just 0.1 percent (to comScore’s 0.5 percent).  That would leave Yahoo with a market share of 15.3 percent.

Which brings us to Bing.  Nielsen’s data points to an impressive month-over-month gain of 1.0 percent on Bing’s part.  comScore thought Bing just increased its standing by 0.4 percent between October and November.

But regardless of what set of information you prefer to go with, Yahoo must now look a little bit less tasty to Microsoft.  The real question is whether yet another source (think Hitwise) will confirm this trend, and also if Yahoo and Bing will continue to trade places in the future.

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