Newsday To Charge For Online Access

    October 22, 2009

Newsday said today it will begin charging $5 a week for most of its online content.

Newsday said it will start charging for access next Wednesday, except for its customers who are current home subscribers or those who are Optimum Online customers, the Internet access service offer by its parent company Cablevision.

Users who are not subscribers will still have access to some content including the homepage, classifieds, school closings, obituaries, weather and entertainment listings.

"This groundbreaking approach to delivers added value directly for Newsday and Optimum Online customers," said Tad Smith, president of Local Media. "Providing exclusive benefits for our customers is something Cablevision has been doing for decades, starting with the launch of News 12 in 1986."

"We look forward to growing this unique service and, with Newsday’s tremendous understanding of the Long Island market, believe that will be a terrific resource for news and information specifically tailored to the local community."

About 75 percent of Long Island households are already Newsday home delivery and /or Optimum Online customers. Cablevision’s Optimum Online customers in the New York  total 2.5 million households.

Newsday has been adding new features to its website over the past few months and says it will continue to offer a more personalized experience in an effort to attract new subscribers and keep the audience it already has.