New Twitterers Down, Tweets Up in October

    November 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Last month we looked at Twitter’s numbers for user registrations and total tweets for the month of September. We saw a small decline in new user registrations, but tweeting appeared to be on the rise again following the previous month in which tweeting declined.

The numbers for October follow a similar trend. The information was supplied by Matthew Daines, the lead developer of the Twitter app, Twellow.

"Monthly registrations continue a downward trend, while monthly tweets sent has set another record at 809 million," says Daines. "The rate of increase in the number of tweets sent has slowed somewhat from September, but not at a pace to match the lower registrations, so I think people who actually use Twitter are using it more."

"What they use it for though is the question," he adds.

Twitter User Registrations

Twitter - Tweets

October was quite a big month for Twitter. It made deals with both Google and Microsoft, surpassed the milestone of 5 billion tweets, rolled out the Lists feature on a wide scale, acquired a bigger office space, it expanded into more languages, it partnered with its first charity, and it may have even helped save some babies.

Twitter did lose Miley Cyrus, however, so that could explain the decline in new user registrations. I’m half joking, but I can’t help but wonder if it did play a significant role.

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