New Stats Indicate MySpace Stickier Than Ever

    February 12, 2009

The expression "healthy as a horse" doesn’t quite seem to apply; perhaps, post-Super Bowl, we could say "healthy as a team of Clydesdales" instead.  Regardless, MySpace has just passed on some user engagement statistics that are very impressive. 

MySpace Logo

In an email to WebProNews, a MySpace representative relayed comScore findings covering the month of January.  First, "The average MySpace user spends 266 minutes (4.4 hours) on the site every month – a +15% increase over last month and a +31% increase year over year."

As you might suppose, this translated to a record high.  It also, according to comScore and MySpace, put MySpace about 100 minutes ahead of Facebook (or "the company’s closest competitor," if you prefer).

Then there is the page view data to consider.  Apparently a month-to-month increase of 9.4 percent occurred, and "[p]age views on MySpace have reached an all time high of 44 billion – more than double that of the company’s nearest competitor."

MySpace has hit a couple of rough patches lately – a Compete report put it down early this week, and today, a Sydney Morning Herald article had one of the social network’s original owners saying Facebook’s beaten it.  It looks like the war’s far from over, though.