New Solutions from Yahoo HotJobs

    December 20, 2004

Yahoo HotJobs announced a new local recruitment solution for any company seeking local job candidates.

For job seekers, Yahoo! HotJobs launched a new guided search tool to make it easier for them to find the right local job.

Yahoo! HotJobs’ experience is that more than half of all businesses would prefer to only source local candidates who already live nearby and know their business. Not only do companies experience a higher success rate with local targeting, but the cost of acquiring new talent from local sources will now be cheaper with Yahoo! HotJobs’ new pricing structure for local distribution. The company will allow advertisers to distribute their recruiting offerings for as little as $39 – $275 per job, varying by geography and the number of listings purchased.

“The new Yahoo! HotJobs local solution is what the growing recruitment market needs — the right local reach at the right price,” said Dan Finnigan, executive vice president and general manager at Yahoo! HotJobs. “It complements Yahoo!’s growing portfolio of other local advertising solutions.”

Job listings can be posted in real-time, allowing recruiters to begin to find the right candidate as soon as a need presents itself. Recruiters can also make job opportunities stand out by utilizing the marketing and landing pages for specific geographic locations while taking advantage of special formatting features like bolding, images and color for postings.

While the local recruitment solution makes it easier for recruiters to attract and find local candidates, Yahoo! HotJobs’ new guided search makes it easier for job seekers to find the jobs most suited to their interests.

Guided search is part of a new class of search tools providing job seekers with an intuitive way to browse job search results by location, freshness of the job, industry, experience and company.

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