National Park Service Unveils Old Faithful Webcam

    January 24, 2008

Those of you who are stuck in windowless cubicles might enjoy this, and actually, unless you’re already in a national park, it could prove interesting, regardless.  The news: there’s a live video feed of Old Faithful.National Park Service Unveils Old Faithful Webcam

The feed comes courtesy of the National Park Service, and the organization states that several other impressive sights should visible, as well.  "This full-motion, live-streaming webcam is located near Old Faithful Geyser and brings online visitors views of several other geysers in the area," the agency reports.

"When geysers such as Beehive, Lion, or Giantess are erupting, the camera will be aimed at them and zoomed in for optimal viewing enjoyment," it explains.  Also, "When bison, elk, coyotes, or the occasional bear wander into the camera’s view, live video images will be transmitted."

There’s no word on how many ill-behaved children may make it in front of the camera, but seeing them will be a small price to pay, anyway.  On that note, a mention of Canon seems prudent – it’s listed as the clip’s author, and in case there is any sponsorship going on, we’d like to encourage its continuation and expansion.  Hat tip to Neil Saunders, as well.

Admittedly, it seems there’s often not much to see on the video feed, and the lens appears to be in need of a quick cleaning.  Still, the live view of Old Faithful is much better than a bit of off-white wall.