MySpace Used In Search For Missing Toddler

Mother's bizarre story doesn't add up

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The family of a missing toddler have set up a MySpace profile in efforts to make contact with anyone who can help locate her. Two year-old Caylee Marie Anthony has been missing since around June 9th, but, in a bizarre story leaving her mother a prime suspect, wasn’t reported missing until July 15th.

MySpace seems like a smart move
Caylee Marie Anthony
Missing Since June 9 2008

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, told police she hadn’t seen her daughter in five weeks, but didn’t report her missing until confronted by her parents about the toddler’s whereabouts. She claimed fear of police involvement causing harm to Caylee as the reason for not reporting it.

But Anthony’s behavior is much stranger than simply not reporting her missing child. The initial story she gave police and her parents was she had dropped Caylee off at her babysitter’s July 9th between 9:00 and 1:00, which is a strange time lapse itself, and hadn’t seen her since. Upon investigation, however, Anthony’s story proved more and more fictional.

The apartment she gave as the babysitter’s residence had been vacant for nearly five months. No one at the apartment complex had heard of the babysitter, whose name matched a woman who had filled out a visitor’s card there once. Police said the woman had never heard of either Casey or her daughter Caylee.

Anthony’s employment was also fabricated, but went so far as to stick with her story to the point of leading police down her supposed workplace hallways in search of her office, which didn’t exist. Most disturbing: The investigating officer says in his report Anthony showed no emotion as to the loss of her child, no concern about the Caylee’s wellbeing.

The officer also notes: "In the course of this investigation, I received calls from several persons who know the defendant. All claim she is a habitual liar and she has been known to steal from friends in the past."

Though forced to admit some falsehoods during the investigation, Casey has stuck to most of her original story that Caylee was kidnapped. She’s being held without bond on charges of child neglect, obstructing a criminal investigation, and giving the police false statements.

Interestingly, her name and phone number is still listed on the MySpace page as a contact for information regarding Caylee’s whereabouts, along with grandparents, her uncle, and the detective on the case.

A post below her picture reads as though she typed it:

i am almost 3 years old.
i have shoulder-length, light brown hair
and i have dark hazel (brown/green) eyes.
i have a birth mark on my left shoulder/arm.
i’m approximately 3 feet tall,
and weigh about 35 lbs.

Searching on MySpace for the word "missing" brings back results, but none on the first page appear to be legitimate missing persons postings. Even if any real postings came up, it seems because of the bizarre, highly sentimental, and timely nature of this case, Caylee will likely receive a lot more press attention.

But as far as search efforts go, posting Caylee’s photo and description on MySpace seems like a smart move, and MySpace could serve as a central bulletin board for such things in the future. Perhaps MySpace should delegate a missing persons section to make it easier to find the postings, at least.


MySpace Used In Search For Missing Toddler
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  • Guest


  • http://www.valhalla-computers.com Wulf359

    Go Myspace, it’s used for everything now days, why not link it up with Amber Alert and replace Tom on everyone’s page.

  • ChristinaS

    I think that a dedicated section is a great idea.  It could work something like the ‘missed connections’ section on craigslist, with the ability for anyone to describe a child/friend/etc in detail, including where they were last seen, and have it included in the section.

    Actually, it may work best with a single Space, and then photo albums of missing people segmented by date last seen or area believed to be located.  the tool already allows captions, but this particular Space would need more available characters for each caption.  

    This way, interested people could add that Space as a friend and then receive a notification for every new image added. 

    It’s got some sticky places – How would MySpace determine the validity of ‘missing’ people?  Would you have to submit a copy of a police report?  Would submission of images be limited to only police departments?  And how would tips and leads be handled? 

    Good idea, Jason.  with some management that could be pretty effective…  Anybody know Tom?


  • Guest

    I think the mother knows whats going on I pray the little girl is ok.I have a little 2 yr old myself we call her ladybug,and if anyone ever pulled anything with her or any of my children I dont know what I would do. I think the mother needs to be delt with in the harshest way ever if she wont talk make her talk that little girl could be anywhere.There are so many possibilities.How was the mother surviving where was she staying how was she living,how did she get the money to servive herself. People sale kids all the time , ya know thismother better be happy Im not the police officer she is dealn with because i would definetly lose my job over this case.And to the grandmother,have you tried to get it out of your daughter where the hell is this poor little baby.The whole damn family the whole thing just doesent make since.

  • David Chalcraft

    Caylee Marie Anthony’s wherebouts are known. She is in heaven with Jonbenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann. They all died at the hands of their parents. How many children have to die before the investigations into their death/disappearance get as serious as the investigations into the deaths of adults? Casey Anthony did not report her disappearence for a month and borrowed a shovel from a neighbor. How stupid can investigators be?

    • Guest

      The Ramsey’s have been cleared.  So while their daughter is in Heaven, it was not because of them.

      • Patsy Ramsey’s ghost

        but i’m sure john rigged that DNA clearance somehow.  i just haven’t figured out how yet.  maybe jon benet will send us a letter from heaven.

        • Guest

          what are u on? do you even know anything about the case? ignoramo

  • http://getpaid-now.blogspot.com Sarah

    The mom definitely knows more than shes saying. I hate to accuse anyone without proof but as a mother of 5, I can’t imagine waiting 1 hour after if my child was missing and she waited a week!!

    No mom would do that if she wasn’t guilty of something!!

  • brandie

    …The mother is GUILTY AS SIN…How sad is it that anyone for one second could possibly believe Casey Anthony…Any innocent mother would be crying out for help in finding a missing child…The only thing this mother is worried about is the fact that she’s in jail..so while some make believe trail grows cold she whines about not having her boyfriends phone #…how many girlfriends don’t have their boyfriends #

  • Ashley

    i’m no investigator, but i don’t need to be to know the mother had something to do with this childs disappearance. whether she was involved in some bad things and got the baby taken as a result, was simply a careless mother and left her child with the wrong person, or she simply killed the child (purposely or not), she’s covering way too much to not have some connection with this. i wonder if she left the child in the car on a hot day and the child died? it’s possible she panicked and has been covering ever since. she seems pretty selfish too, on one 911 tape she was complaining that everyone was more concerned about finding caylee than being concerned with her. it’s possible she was just jealous of her daughter getting all the attention. she also was with the boyfriend for 3 weeks leading up to this, maybe he affected her decision somehow and she decided she wanted to be free from caylee and the responsibilties of being a young mother.

    i heard cindy anthony say that she’s using this zenidia name as a cover-up for the real name because she’s afraid to give it to police. even if she really is afraid of someone harming her daughter/family and she’s lying to protect them, you would think she would give the police some sort of information if they promised not to release it to the media. she just doesn’t seem worried or concerned for her daughter at all.

    another thing that concerned me was the tattoo she got recently for her daughter.. it says ‘beautiful life’ in another language and has stars because supposedly ‘caylee loved stars’. why is she getting a tattoo like that if her child isn’t dead? there is too many inconsistencies in this case.. in the 911 call between her and her brother (released today) she contradicted herself in the same call, saying she received a call from her daughter, and it was private so she couldn’t call it back, then she says she called the number back and it was disconnected. another time she says she was communicating with this babysitter through calls and texts the whole time. give me a break! i could go on and on about her lies! she’s guilty of something. 

    • Guest

      i believe the little girl has passed,thanks to her neglectful mother.if the granny supposedly brought the baby up and the daughter took her for a couple of days to "bond" then why on earth wasnt the granny suspicious that her daughter needed a nanny?i also read a quote by the gran that her daughter was jealous of her bond with caylee  granny knows much more than shes letting on too.theres also the dodgy boyfreind jesse resigning from the police 3 days before the car was found and worst of all just the fact that none of that family seem desperate to get their missing baby back…….maybe its because they know somthing we dont…………that she is already dead.

      dorset uk

  • ashley

    myspace already has an amber alert system. a warning comes up on your page if there is an alert issued in your area.. but it’s a great idea to have a missing persons section, seeing as it’s so common these days.

    it’s actually getting pretty ridiculous. every couple of weeks we hear about another woman missing (there’s always a bad husband/boyfriend/relationship behind it) or another young child missing. it’s unfortunate what this world is coming to. 

  • RaNae

    I am a mother of 3 girls and i couldn’t imagine being away from them like this and act like everything is ok. She has a gut feeling that Caylee is very close and will be home for her B-Day. Give me a break she knows where her baby is.  There are pictures of her in a bar just a few days from when she claimed Caylee went missing getting drunk and bumping and grinding with another girl.  What kind of a Mother would wait close to a month before calling police saying her child was missing.  The phone calls in jail with what she has to say is enough to see she is very self centered.  I realize that the grandmother loves her daughter but at the sametime she needs to realize her daughter has lied one lie to cover up another one. I feel so bad for that little girl and for the rest of that family and i really believe that Mother knows more than she is willing to tell. I  just hope that baby comes home safe. She is alittle Angel.

  • Guest

    I to believe Casey was involved in whatever happened to her daughter.  Her parents are trying to believe her story, just as many parents would tend to do.  I mean don’t most parents think only the best of their children.  I would hazard to quess it would be pretty hard to think your child was capable of doing anything to a child especially their own child.  Therefore I believe Mr and Mrs Anthony are supporting the kidnapping story Casey tells as a way to cope with the ugliness which i think is pretty clear for outside people looking in.  I feel very , very sorry for little Caylee but also their is another side i feel equally sad about.  That is Casey’s .  I do not believe she would bring a child into this world for the sole purpose of doing it harm.  I think it would be unrealistic to imagine there weren’t circumstances and mental health issues leading up to the kind of break down of normal thought that would have to occur most likely if she did something to her own daughter.  That being said it is not an excuse for what has happenned here but rather a little perspective.  She was a very young women when she had to face being a mom.  Also mental health isues can play havoc on the most strong of people.  Only for the grace of God it isn’t you  (Condemn less you be condemed.  As for the protesters outside the family home.  Go home .  Let this family in crisis face it without your constant verbal abuse.  Afterall the family is at its worst already, they don’t need help. Would it be justice to see the grandparents health deterioate because it makes us feel better to throw accusations.  The law and the lord will bring all things to a close eventally.  I wish the family the best and that the parents can get help for their child before something terrible is made worse.

    Trish Peters

    Just my opinion others respected and welcomed


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