MySpace, MSN Now Said To Be In Talks

    October 27, 2009

Yesterday, the surprising news that Facebook and MySpace are negotiating a content-sharing partnership broke, yet that’s not all the latter social network has on its plate.  A fresh report indicates MySpace is also in talks with MSN over some sort of music deal.

MSN is interested in "using the social networking site’s music service, MySpace Music, to help power music offerings on the giant portal," according to Kara Swisher.  She then continued, "While sources at both companies cautioned the talks were still early, Microsoft (MSFT) – which has its own music site that it programs with original and partnered content – execs are interested in goosing it."

An arrangement that would give MSN users access to more music would be of obvious benefit to Microsoft.  The exposure – and/or cash – that MySpace would receive from such a deal would no doubt help it, too.

Plus, it’s not like either company has defined itself as some sort of lone wolf.  Microsoft’s reached out to Yahoo and Twitter in recent months, and MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta was quoted yesterday as saying, "Partnerships are going to be a big part of our strategy moving forward as a lot of value can be derived from them."

So stay tuned and see what happens.  It may be that little "powered by MySpace" graphics will start popping up in quite a lot of places.

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