My Web 2.0 Doesn’t Require Toolbar

    October 22, 2005

PC Magazine reviewed My Web 2.0 and concluded: Though still in beta, the 2.0 version of Yahoo! My Web is a more fully realized social bookmark engine than either or Shadows.

It’s similar to the former but easier to navigate, smarter about organizing tags and bookmarks, and accessible via a toolbar you may already have.

However, in the “bottom line” section, Rick Broida says “Even though it forces you to use the Yahoo! Toolbar, My Web 2.0 currently offers the best social-bookmark experience.” That’s simply not true. I know several folks who use My Web 2.0 without the Yahoo! Toolbar. Instead they use the bookmarklet that’s listed in the FAQ.

He repeats this assertion again in the “cons” section by saying “requires Yahoo! Toolbar or Search” which is also just as false.

I’d point this out on the PC Magazine site, but they dedicate so much space to the dozens of advertisements on that page that there’s apparently no room for reader comments. Seriously. Look at the content to advertisement ratio on that page. It’s completely out of whack.

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