My Blog Will Soon Be Superfluous

    January 13, 2005

Chris Locke asks a question I’ve asked myself a couple of times: “…this is just a thought, but I’m going to say it here anyway, even though I’m a little afraid I might get yelled at …

Is it possible to have too many bloggers blogging about blogging? I dunno. Just something to think about.”

On a philosophical level we can’t have to many bloggers, regardless of what they’re blogging about. There can never be too many thinkers on a subject. The market laws will make sure that only the best are read anyway.

But in more practical terms, Locke’s question is relevant. At what point does the discussion about blogging turn into nothing but background noise?

Many of us has been through this once before. Remember when the web was new? An amazing amount of pages back then were link lists, manuals, DIY-tips etc. It hasn’t disappeared of course, but in relation to all other things on the web that kind of content is marginalized today. The same will for sure happen to metablogging.

To judge by just this blog we aren’t there yet. I see more and more traffic and I get more questions. There’s a substantial and increasing flow of new business bloggers looking for information and help. But the day will come – my guess is that this blog will be superfluous end of 2005 or beginning of 2006. As will a lot of other blogs about blogging.

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