MSN Officially Launches MSN Messenger 7.0 And MSN Spaces

    April 7, 2005

Today, Microsoft raised the curtain on two services, the first being an update to the popular MSN Messenger, which has been updated to 7.0.

The second, more official launch has to do with the introduction of MSN Spaces, a free, blogger and LiveJournal-like service. MSN Spaces has been designed to give MSN members personal webspace to express themselves through blogs and by sharing photos, etc.

Ideally, Microsoft hopes MSN Spaces can become a of service. This much is indicated in their release, which states:

MSN Spaces is a dynamic online scrapbook where consumers can easily post blogs, photo albums, personal music lists and more, essentially telling the story of their life.

For those who are interested, MSN Spaces is free.

Not only did MSN officially introduce their blog service, they also issued an update to MSN Messenger, which now resides at the 7.0 mark. According to Microsoft, the newest version introduces these new features, to name a few:

  • Free PC-to-PC video conversation. The new, free MSN Video Conversation service, powered by Logitech technology, connects people with one-click synchronized audio and video, and offers full-screen video viewing – the next best thing to really being there.
  • Ability to talk over the Internet for free. MSN Messenger 7.0 includes higher-quality audio functionality so customers can enjoy free, real-time PC-to-PC voice conversations with friends and family around the world.
  • PC-to-mobile communications. Customers will soon be able to stay in touch by sending IMs to friends and family who aren’t on their PC. Customers in selected countries will be able to send SMS text messages from MSN Messenger to mobile phones – even if the person they are sending to doesn’t have an MSN Messenger account – and the mobile user can reply to the MSN Messenger user.3 This feature will be available in multiple markets this spring.
  • MSN Messenger 7.0 also offers a number of personalization features, where you have greater control over your Messenger presence and what others see in your profile. Visit here if you are interested in downloading the newest version of Messenger.

    About these new releases, Blake Irving, corporate vice president for the MSN Communication Services and Member Platform group at Microsoft has these comments,

    “People all over the world are spending more of their time communicating online and MSN is providing the services they use. We continue to invest in services that create meaningful, personal and emotional connections for our customers, letting them express themselves in ways that suit them best.”

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