Mozilla Launches One Billion + You

    August 3, 2009

Last week we told you about Mozilla reaching a monumentus milestone, 1 billion total downloads. In celebration of the achievement they’ve launched a new site, One Billion + You.

One Billion + You

What do you think of the new site? Let us know.

The site features an opening paragraph where Mozilla tells how they’re awed and amazed:

"…to be celebrating one billion Firefox downloads. That’s one billion times in the last five years that you and the rest of the Mozilla community have made the choice to make the Web better.

But it’s not just about Firefox. We are the world. We are the billions. We are the ones who make the Web a better place to be. As we all start towards the second billion, let’s take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the Web that you’ve helped nurture and grow."

The site also has some interesting "how much is one billion" facts, which can be posted to your Twitter stream:

Mozilla's One Billion facts

Truthfully, I was thinking the site was going to feature some download statistics and things of that nature. Personally, the site, as it stands now, feels a little unnecessary. Am I alone in thinking this? Let us know what you think.