Microsoft Takes A Shot At Real-Time Search

Bing (sometimes) shows recent tweets

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Real-time search may (together with semantic and/or mobile search) be the next big thing; with some individuals putting out scores of public messages per day, we need a way to organize them.  And now, Microsoft’s taken a step in the right direction by "bringing a bit of Twitter to Bing."

On the Bing Community Search Blog, a post of that title announced, "[W]e’re unveiling an initial foray into integrating more real time data into our search results, starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres."

The post then continued, "[W]hen you search for these folks [sic] names in association with Twitter, you’ll see their latest Tweets come up in real time on Bing’s search results."

Bing's Real-Time Search Results

Mind you, the technology’s not perfect; Wil Wheaton‘s most recent tweet is actually not about tacos, and since it is more than seven hours old, it’s a little hard to understand how Bing’s missed it.

There are also the limitations of the feature’s user reach to consider (no John Cleese or Shaquille O’Neal?).

But this is still an interesting development that puts Bing ahead of its biggest competitors.  More advances may be on the way, too, as the official Bing post stated, "We think this is an interesting first step toward using Twitter’s public API to surface Tweets in people search.  We’d love to hear your feedback as we think through future possibilities in real time search."

Microsoft Takes A Shot At Real-Time Search
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  • Digital Comment

    Quite frankly, Bing (Re-branded, originally MS Live) is a marginal Search Engine at best (Same search results are provided by Google, same look as Ask.com). Moreover, Microsoft has become a tiresome imitator that rests on the coat tails of other innovative companies and continues to fail with most endeavors outside of it’s declining, over priced Operating System (Web TV, bCentral, Zune, MS Live, Social Network Wallop, ET AL). We clearly do not need another ‘Me Too’ imitation and Microsoft is desperately attempting to find a way to compete with true innovative companies such as Google, Apple, and any other company that is remotely successful. Microsoft is not as bright as they believe – the lack of innovation, the leadership and culture are simply too old, too big, and too late to market with products (Imitations of other successful products, no less). It’s demise is inevitable and just as the way of the dinosaur, so to will be Microsoft. Good riddance.

    • Fred

      I agree bing is a sad attempt at trying to compete with google. And yes windows is an over priced operating system. But to say microsoft is a failing company is just plain funny. They make more money then google and apple combined times about 10. Between a 90% or so share in the PC market and a near dominance with xbox 360. I would like to be in such a bad circumstance.

      • http://www.thelittleusedstore.com Guest

        I remember life before Microsoft. When a computer with one dumb program was 10,000.00 or more. Bill Gates and Microsoft changed all that and made it so computers were affordable for most everyone. Most computers come with the operating systems and computers are as low as 298.00 now. We have come a long way, maybe some of the youngsters don’t realize life has changed alot since the 80’s when there wasn’t even internet except for government officials.

    • http://www.thelittleusedstore.com Loretta

      My site got hacked and google banned us till I did some repairing, but now google put us low in the search and won’t reinstate our standing. With Microsoft and bing however I used it to research on how to repair my site. Bing and Yahoo have web tools and Analytics, don’t knock Microsoft or Bing, get your sites and links and datafeeds listing in there webmaster tools too. Face it they are not going away and used correcting these options can be valuable tools for web masters. It’s always good to have competition, it keeps people on there towes. Isn’t no competition called a Monopoly or something?

  • http://www.oneelevenmedia.com website design sydney

    I don’t know whether to love Bing and/or hate Microsoft. lol. Great article anyway.

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