Microsoft Strikes Back at Apple

    September 19, 2008
    Chris Crum

Microsoft has rolled out three new commercials after pulling the plug on Seinfeld. In case you missed it, Microsoft launched a $300 million ad campaign starting with two drawn-out ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfled. While some thought the ads entertaining and funny, the majority of people (at least those writing about it) were less than impressed.

Yesterday, Microsoft said they would no longer continue with the Seinfeld commercials and that "phase two" would be announced today. Well, "phase two" is here, and there is no Seinfeld to be seen. Rather than explain what happens in the ads like everyone else, I’ll just let you watch them:

The general response to the new ads is much more positive than it was to the Seinfeld ones. Personally, I think they are an improvement, particularly in getting Microsoft’s point across. Another plus is that none of them are four and a half minutes long. I also like the fact that it’s a direct response to the annoying Mac ads. Like Wilson Rothman at Gizmodo says, "Hello Chiat Day [ad agency behind Mac ads] and Apple, time to get some new commercials: you’ve been out maneuvered! — BLam."

It will certainly be interesting to see how Apple responds to Microsoft’s new campaign. Something tells me its going to turn into an ugly mudslinging match reminiscent of any election season. Well, didn’t the Mac ads kind of start that anyway?

MG Siegler at Venture Beat asks, "Now, how long until paparazzi shots of Pharrell or Longoria using Macs turn up on the Internet?" I can see future Mac ads showing such pictures.

Update: Gizmodo is reporting that though these new ads will be focused on more, Microsoft and Seinfeld haven’t parted ways yet.