Microsoft Says Vista Is On Schedule For Release

    May 25, 2006

After delaying the release several times, Microsoft now assures the world that Vista will meet its slated launch date of January 2007. Vista represents the first major overhaul in five years for the venerable Windows operating system. Windows is used on about 90 percent of the world’s computers, and its sales account for about one-third of Microsoft’s total revenue.

Beta versions of Vista have been on the rough side so far. In addition to their late releases, there have been a number of bugs and minor issues. There have also been numerous complaints about the latest version of the User Account Control, a feature that tends to interrupt users’ actions with warning dialogue boxes.

One potential concern about Vista can be put to rest, though. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta, a program that lets users know if their XP-based computer can run Vista, has in many cases been crying out for a full 15GB of disk space. This is only a temporary installation requirement-after cleaning up after itself, Vista should only need around 6GB.

The Upgrade Advisor is part of Microsoft’s effort to prepare both customers and partners for Vista’s release. In addition to this tool, Microsoft Senior Vice President Will Poole announced the new Certified for Vista logo program. After software is tested for security, reliability, and compatibility issues, products that meet the standards will be marked with a gray logo.

PCs distinguished as “capable” of running Vista have been available since April. Poole also unveiled a new networking standard known as Windows Vista Rally, which hardware manufacturers may build into their products so Vista can recognize and interact with them.

Microsoft seems to be tying up all the loose ends as the Vista launch date approaches. Even with the abnormally short beta testing period, it looks like they may make the deadline. Here’s hoping for a smooth, glitch-free release.

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