Microsoft Releases Add-Ons For Office 2003

    February 22, 2006

Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics Snap, a collection of programs that “snap” into Microsoft Office 2003.

Four programs were made available today (with more to come). They are:

  • Timesheet Snap-In – “allows users to use Microsoft Outlook to view or submit time entries for tasks that are performed on a periodic basis”. Developed for Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 and can be useful in service industries or those with a requirement to track how employees allocate their time.

  • Vacation Management Snap-In – also for Dynamics AX 3.0, lets users request vacation time, which can be approved or disapproved within the email sent, and is then automatically updated within Dynamics.

  • Business Data Lookup Snap-In – for Dynamics AX, lets you browse Dynamics AX data in Word, Excel and Outlook and copy that data. One thing this can do is make it easy to copy specific data into an email.

  • Business Data Lookup Snap-In – for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, lets businesses search customer relations management data in Word, Excel and Outlook using a CRM task pane. Again, a way to access specific data accross programs and systems.

The snap-ins are all open source, so they can be modified to work with whatever system a business uses, which should please many.

(via ActiveWin > Findory)

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