Microsoft Establishes Blog Censorship Policy

    February 1, 2006

Reuters is reporting that, responding to criticism over how it pulled the blog of a critic of the Chinese government, has pledged to create rules governing how it will deal with such situations in the future.

Microsoft pledges to only block access to a blog if it violates laws in a specific country, and only under court order. More importantly, it will only block access in that specific country.

“Going forward we will have a policy of removing access for the country where the blog was issued, but not outside that country,” Brad Smith, Microsoft ‘s chief counsel, said at a Microsoft conference.

Microsoft will find a technical solution to make sure the blog will still be viewable in other countries.

“We want to formulate a new framework and new principles. Principles need to emerge,” said Smith, adding that the need for clear guidelines became imperative after MSN took down the popular blog written by Zhao Jing last month.

(via Mary Jo Foley)

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