Media Player 11 Expected This June

    April 17, 2006

CNet reports that the Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 is scheduled to arrive as early as this June, a bit of a surprise.

Many expected not to see the XP version before Vista dropped, if at all, and the early arrival would suggest that Microsoft considers some of what is in WMP11, like the Urge music store, too important to wait much longer.

Expected changes in version 11 include “reverse sync” with portable devices (moving music from devices to computers), recoding copy-protected music and indexed search. The biggest change, of course, is the interface, which takes advantage of album art to give a fun, graphical means of browsing your music collection quickly.

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UPDATE: Ed Bott has a full list of what will be in Vista’s WMP11, but not XP’s version of 11:

  • Playing content (including DRM) on your PC from another PC or device
  • Viewing content from the Vista Media library on other PCs or digital devices, such as Tivo
  • Playback of High Value video content
  • Shell integration with Windows Media Player
  • Content Indexer change notification to sync My Music and WMP library
  • DVD Fullscreen playback enhancements
  • DRM Transcode
  • High quality video streaming over home networks
  • Media foundation for playback

Damn. Well, it’s not like I wasn’t getting Vista anyways, but those who don’t are out of luck.

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