McDonald’s Moves from Fake to Real Blog

    January 26, 2006

What a difference a year makes. Last year we wondered if the Golden Arches had been forever tarnished by the fake Lincolnfry blog that debuted during the Super Bowl.

A year later we are lauding McDonald’s for their new blog, Open for Discussion. In doing so, the company moves from Goofus to Gallant which is the bigger story.

In an age of corporate cynicism where folks are seemingly lying in wait for a company to make a mistake, McDonald’s experiments, screws up in full view of the public, learns from it and keeps trying. They do it with their menu too. Anyone else remember when they tried to sell a pasta dish?

McDonald’s launched Lincolnfry to try and cash in on a trend without understanding it. They learned from this and created Open for Discussion to support a larger corporate responsibility strategy. I’m lovin’ their perseverance. After experiencing the risk of blogging, they are now reaping the reward. This should tell corporations that blogs are worth the trouble. It should also tell them that bloggers forgive transparent, authentic companies.

Kevin Dugan is the author of the popular Strategic Public Relations blog. Kevin is Director of Marketing Communications for FRCH Design Worldwide.

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