Mashup Friday TV Edition

    March 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Everyone has heard about The Sopranos map mashup, but it’s not the only television show that has received the mashup treatment recently.

Google Maps and organized crime – no it’s not an abrupt departure from the one-time Google motto of “don’t be evil,” but a promotional use of mashups to build some buzz for the return of HBO’s series “The Sopranos” from a lengthy hiatus.

While the prospect of Eric Schmidt showing up at Yahoo’s front door with a gang of violin-case toting, pinstripe-wearing Googlers would certainly brighten up the news day, we have to work with what we have. Fortunately, the people behind Programmable Web’s mashup listings have an ever-growing collection of cool sites to visit.

Fans who are still sticking with NBC’s “The Apprentice” can view where competitors come from and their fates after being fired. Blue pushpins designate people still in the running for a job with Donald Trump, while clicking a red pushpin tells what that competitor did to earn the ire of The Donald before being dismissed.

Viewers of the Fox series “24” can track Jack Bauer through the Wayfaring mashup. Site visitors can zoom in on “waypoints” for more details about particular points in Jack’s day. What it doesn’t show is how Jack can make it across L.A.’s 405 without getting stuck in traffic jams.

CBS’ “Amazing Race” received a big mashup kiss too. The Chasing Racers mashup tracks the season 9 racers. Clicking on the globe-shaped J pushpins brings up some text and photos about each location.

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