Lori Drew Charged In MySpace Suicide

Arraignment scheduled for June

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Megan Meier’s suicide after breaking up with a fake boyfriend created by Drew on MySpace led to her indictment on federal charges.

A federal grand jury found cause to charge Drew with conspiracy and computer fraud associated with the creation of the MySpace profile that authorities and Meier’s parents believe drove the 13 year old girl to hang herself in October 2006.

The LA Times said the grand jury in Los Angeles resulted from federal prosecutors seeing a Los Angeles connection, due to MySpace being based in the city. An attorney for Drew denied her client having any involvement with the MySpace profile for the fake ‘Josh Evans’.

“This adult woman allegedly used the Internet to target a teenage girl with horrendous ramifications,” US Attorney Thomas P. O’Brien said. “This was a tragedy that did not have to happen.”

O’Brien’s office released a statement saying the indictment alleges Drew violated the MySpace terms of service in creating the phony Josh Evans.

“The conspiracy count carries a maximum statutory penalty of five years in federal prison. Each count of accessing protected computers, each of which alleges that the access was for the purpose of intentionally inflicting emotional distress on (Megan Meier), carries a maximum possible penalty of five years in prison,” the statement said.

“That girl later committed suicide after the ‘boy’ spurned her and told her, among other things, that the world would be a better place without her,” it continued.

Lori Drew Charged In MySpace Suicide
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  • Steve

    Not sure if Lori Drew is charged with the girl’s suicide or if she should be charged with a straight out homicide.

  • Trish

    I am glad they are figuring out a way to prosecute her.  Any grown adult woman who would target a child to harrass or inflict pain on, deserves far more than they are able to give her.  What is wrong with this woman?


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  • Guest

    If the 13-year-old committed suicide over a stupid MySpace chat, she most likely had mental issues to begin with. Kids taunt each other every day in the playground at recess. If one of them commits suicide, does that mean the taunters should be prosecuted for murder?

    • Guest

      Well said. The only truly rational response so far. Let’s not let our sympathies for the deceased get control of our commonsense.

    • http://www.soylacalle.com Gary

      That’s an incredibly dumb statement.

      There were no kids taunting in a playground. This was a grown woman. If anyone had mental issues it was the adult.

      There is a reason we have laws against things like having sex with a minor. It is because any adult should be able to convince a child to do something. If an adult cannot manipulate and out think a 13 year old, that adult is an idiot.

      To show how absurd your analogy is, let’s paraphrase it:

      Kids have sex with each other every day at recess. If two of them have sex, does that mean one should be prosecuted for rape? No.

      Now replace one of those "kids" with an adult. Does the answer change?

      Your comment compared apples to oranges, and some other idiot seconded the emotion.

  • http://www.gotgame.com Oh Boy!

    It is sad that she is dead, but what a kid is doing in myspace looking for a boyfiriend anyway, where the parents aware of this that she is on myspace and adult meeting website.

    I see more on this story than just a women making a big mistake but a social meeting place for adult where parents let there kids wonder.

    It all starts @  home, we need to supervice our kids more and keep them away from places like myspace, if you let your kid walk alone in the street or anywhere anything can happen.

    Are you going to blame the city you live in for what happen to him/her or yourself for not been the parent you should be.

    Myspace: Online Social Meeting Place.  

    Wake up everybody, you are the guardian of your child monitor them more, I know I do.

  • George

     Kids have their friends already.  Does one think that good things will come out of kids talking to strangers online?  Probably 80% of "kids" online are sexual predators.

  • http://www.sccworlds.com sccworlds

    Go to sccworlds.com for  stories and exclusive video concerning this case.

  • Pensacola Common Sense

    If I were legally positioned to respond to public outcry, I would hold the parents responsible for the suicide. whether the boy did or did not exist is irrelevant. The thirteen year old was mentally unstable, leading the question to inquire into the family life and stability in the home. Where were the parents oversight? Unless the little girl was emancipated and legally an adult, the parents remain responsible for their children’s well being, actions, upbringing, and assisting their children with choosing friends, talking about boys, girls, classmates, and how HARD it is growing up to be a teen. Nothing replaces the comfort of a parent’s interest in their children’s life, even though some kids rebel against it. I bet this little girl was crying for her parent’s attention and gave up.

    FACT: that poor little girl felt she had no where to turn, not even to her family. Her family failed her without providing a support system. Unfortunately, she will not be the only suicidie of her kind. Because her suicide was thrust into the spotlight after her parents wanted someone to blame is the reason our mindless government gets involved.

     I say, let her rest in peace, she found it the hard way. Cook the parents on the public grill and hold them accountable.

    • Guest

      Yes thats a great point to make. It’s is getting pretty bad when we look for blame for our mistakes. The parents should have notice something. I have had one of my best freind hang himself over a girl. Should I blame the girl ? I myself had a girlfriend the tried to kill herself, Thank God she didn’t but should I have stayed with her even though we were in our teens? As for not knowing who the other party is online, well thats why most people have handles to keep thier name private. Also both parties have to want to share their names. My point is that you don’t have to be on the internet for that sort of thing to happen. ON the other hand the older lady could have been leading her on and messing with her head by using thing that the young lady may hve told her. Thinking it would never get back to her circle of family and friends.

      I have been amazed by the amount of thing we are allowed to have but yet we blame them for everything that makes us do stupid and harmful things.

      TV, what we see and hear and think. Radio, what we hear and think, Books, what we read and think. Comics, what we see and think. Game, what we see, play and think. Oh yeh the INTERNET, what we hear,see,chat, and play. We like blame these things for our kids frame of minds and in the end some deaths whenever we can. Why not, you here nuts cases say all the time, I saw something on TV or On the internet even may have read something from books.

      I myself don’t think they are the cause but just a tool to help things drop over the edge if viewed in the wrong way.

      This is just a few thing of what we like to blame for our weakness. Kids that are close to the edge don’t need much to put them over, but, being that close to the edge someone should have noticed sooner !!!

  • http://www.mrshawke.com J. Hawke

    I had spent so much time with a group of people on the Internet that I sincerely felt I knew them. They were friends, close as family, for a period of time. I was incorrect in many respects, I found out later, and I emerged basically unscathed.

    I was in my 30s, not any more mentally unwell than the next person. How much more deeply must a 13-year-old girl feel she knows (and loves) someone with whom she’s spent hours and hours online chatting, playing games, and whatever else preteens do on the Internet these days? 

    To question Meier’s mental health is not invalid; however, Drew does hold a great share of the responsibility here. In my opinion, she was a predator, an adult preying on a little girl’s vulnerability. Also, I feel that Meier’s parents must take responsibility for not monitoring more closely her interactions online.


  • Guest

    people beleive that they can be as mean as they want online because they don’t have to face that person, they say things that they would normally keep to themselves. Im glad lori drew  was charged. people say the girl must had mental problems, well what about an adult who makes up a boy just to be mean to some 13yr girl, want about her mental state. sounds like she had some issues to, she liked being cruel and she couldn’t be that way offline. 

  • http://personalsportsnutrition.com Steve

    I am astounded by the ignorance of some of these comments! Is this what this world has come to? No one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

    Blame the parents? I would like to know of one parent that has complete control of their children 100% of the time. 24/7 It’s impossible with the technology that is available.

    So what if the victim had mental issues. The adult that caused this tragedy should be checked also. What kind of a person would take pleasure in making someone’s life that miserable. Just because they can!

    If people would think through their actions and take into consideration the consequences. Maybe half of these idiotic tragedies wouldn’t happen.

    Someone has to be accountable for these kinds of acts. Myspace cooperated because they don’t want to be associated with this kind of daily happenings.

    Just because someone is weaker than you does not give a person the right to take advantage of it.

    Word to the wise: No matter how strong you think you are there is always someone stronger!


  • Guest

    My Space is NOT dangerous and the resources they provide are bringing quality to many proples lives and uniting youth in a positive way.

    A loaded gun, a box of matches…hell, even a blunt crayon has the potential to be dangerous.

    I agree that it is a sad case and that someone should be punished for misleading a junior…but the internet is no more evil than a library.

    There is plenty of software to secure a computer against receiving such thrash but it is up to parents and educators to install it.

    Having said that…censorship can also lead to ignorance and curtail savvy.

    It still remains a great tragedy!



  • Guest

    It seems that the world in which we live has become so insensitive to the needs of others that a story like this just doesn’t seem ‘real’ enough.  The Internet provides a view to the world that is real but in many ways is not real.  I think when people take the reality of another human being in their hands and manipulate that reality to the point that a person pays the ulimate price there is really not a clear path to true justice.  As an adult we have the responsibility to help guide and teach young people how to use the Internets educational and entertainment value rather than use it as  a murder weapon.  In this case I’m sure the predator couldn’t have forseen the outcome of her actions…but her actions were harmful at the very least.  I think that she should receive the harshest penalty under the law not only as a personal lesson but to show the rest of the world how dangerous the Internet can be in the wrong hands.  I am both sickened and haunted by this story as any normal person would be.  I just hope that someday Lori Drew will realize that the Internet is not some fantasy land that she can manipulate for her own evil means.  I think that someday will be five years from now and I truly hope she spends that much time behind bars.  You can say that Megan had mental issues but have you stopped to think that Lori could have helped to solve some of those problems instead of using them to kill the poor girl?  The whole thing makes me sick.

  • Ryan K

    I think  Lori Drewshe should be prosicuted just on the basis of leading the other girl on in to thinking she had a boyfriend

  • Ryan K

    I think  Lori Drewshe should be prosicuted just on the basis of leading the other girl on in to thinking she had a boyfriend

  • Mr. Guest

    First ,the death of most and as in this case is tragic. After saying that , everyone should be taught the internet is make believe, sure you can buy products, look up information at your own risk, but count on relationships? Come on. and as for preditors , middle schoolers throughout the usa make up identities, fake ages , girls pretend to be boys and likewise. They curse, send dirty pictures back and forth , wish each other to die, and make up stories.  Those who don’t know this seem to be many.  They can’t believe their sweet little child would do the things they are doing, but they are.  Do you want to face charges for bad speech blamed for a death??

    Prosecuting anyone for anything said on the internet is just crazy in any free society.  The choice is not to use these internet sites if you can’t except them as a dreamworld of bull-S@@@.  

    Though I’d lend my shotgun to Megan’s parents to do justice upon Drew, use of the courts in this matter must be futile by necessity.  Get tough America and if you won’t , then stay off the internet. Stop trying to protect everbody from everthing, it not only can’t, but shouldn’t be done.  There’s something to be said for survival of the fitest

  • http://www.narcissismcured.com Guest

    Peer Rejection is the number 1 cause of suicide in teenagers. Peer orientation is an enormous problem for parents that try desperately to ‘stay connected to their children’. It is not an easy problem to deal with, even with love, dedication and unlimited time and resources, the last two of which parents do not usually have.  

    The competition for our children’s affection is now fierce, and there are things that parents can do to ‘hang on to their kids’ and avoid these kind of tragedies, but to say that the parents should have known is naive in the extreme. What if they knew? Why should they have known that this boy was not real? His profile had been chosen to be a perfect match with Megan and she was besotted with him, how could the parents have helped without expert help which they only in hindsight knew that they needed? 

    Read "Hold on to Your kids" by Gordon Nuefeld and you will get  expert advice. This story happens over and over everyday. The twist this time is that and adult choose to inflict this kind of emotional pain knowingly on a young girl. It WAS forseeable what might happen. She did it intentionally to hurt her and she helped show her own daughters how to be manipulative and deceptive for the sole purpose of hurting and humiliating a young girl. How can anyone protect their child from this when they have no idea that it might happen. I certainly would not expect any of my children’s friend parents to behave in this way. 

    Lock her up and throw away the key and get her kids into foster care and counselling as soon as possible. A sexual predator has better excuses (their own sexual orientation and impulses) than this woman and they still need to be behind bars to protect our kids. She acted in cold and contrived malice. It makes you want to bring back public humiliation.



    • Shauna Norman

      You made some wonderful points… good on you!

  • Guest

    In other news Congress is considering a law that will make it a crime to hurt someone’s feelings.

    • Guest

      wait… your talking about a child with mental issues…issues that Lori Drew knew about when she created Josh – and you don’t think she should be punished? Ihope you dont have children

  • Larry

    What if it was a real boy who found another girlfriend? Was he supposed to have two? Over 50% of the people are single today because they do not want to be committed to marriage. Our society has chosen to punish ADULTS who want out of a bad relationhip by forcing them to pay for expensive and often painful divorces. The single people who live together often are charged unfairly with domestic violence when they want to end a non-working relationship.  I was charged with domestic violence because I refused to let a bar pickup move into my apartment after she broke down the door! We had no "relationship" except casual sex.

    While I agree that a 13 year old girl has no busines being in, or thinking she i in, a committed relationship, I find it hard to accept the idea that a male, real or imaginary, can be punished simply because he does not want to be in a relationship with a female. A male is not a piece of property to be owned.





    • http://www.dueysdrawings.com/ Brian Duey

      But the reality of this is that someone died.  This woman verbally torchured Megan until she killed herself.  The woman was an adult, the one who killed herself was a child.  This is wrong and she should go to prison.

  • Robert

    Come to think of it, if I watch something on TV then replicate it in real life, shouldn’t the station be held liable?  Or should it be the studios?

    Any way you look at it, it’s sad but some people never draw a line between reality and pretend.  Kind of like those hoax email viruses that get passed on as gospel truth.

    It’s really sad, but at the end of of the day everyone must take responsibility for themselves.  If they are unable to do so (in this case due to age) then the guardian must (in this case the parents).

    • Guest


  • Shauna Norman

    My heart hurts when i read of this poor child’s tragic end. A point many appear to have forgotten… she WAS just a child and could be anyone’s child.

    I question how people can be so insensitive as to make accusations against the child – who cannot defend herself, and parents who have had to bury their baby. Hasn’t this family suffered enough.

    An important point that no one seems to have touched on was that there was no intent on the child’s behalf to end up dead… there was no intent on the parent’s behalf to lose their little girl… BUT there was intent to cause trouble, by the neighbour; a mature aged adult.

    Is the child’s mother was guilty of not monitorig her on myspace, who was responsible for not monitoring the neighbour.

    Before you go off have cocked ask yourself would you stand in front of the parents and make these horrible statements face to face with your real name known to them… would you deliberatley cause such distress in another person’s child…

    Where is the compassion… where is the right to grieve…. what have we, as a society become, that we do not share sympathy for the victims of this horrific ordeal?

  • JimPajaro

    It appears that many of the responses are about not needing to take responsibility for your actions. This little 13 year old girl paid the ultimate price for her actions. But somehow the cause of this decision should not have to take any responsibility whatsoever for their actions.  It seems to me these people are the typical "Bevis & Buttheads" of our society. Their ability to think with any dept or breadth is hampered by a poorly developed sense of responsibility. They won’t take responsibility for any of their actions so why should anyone else. Thank God people like this are few in our society. I believe that the comment about how these people would not say these things if they had their true identities known hit the nail on the head. These people are ignorant cowards.

  • Larry

    While I feel deep sorrow for Megan Meier, I am also concerned with how prosecuting Lori Drew will impact our legal system, making someone responsible for someone else’s suicide will  harm otherwise law-abiding people. People who commit suicide are not often rational thinkers. And we have recently seen how those in power abuse it.

    It is just a small step before some overzealous prosecutor charges someone with “causing” a suicide for telling his or her spouse that she or he wants a divorce. Is a stockbroker responsible for a suicide because a client lost a lot of money? Lets not introduce the idea that someone “made” someone else commit suicide into our legal system

    • John Iles

      I think you are failing to recognise that the fact that this is a case of an adult manipulating the mind of a minor here, we’re not talking about an adult causing this disasterous effect on another adult. Due to the fact that this adult had a major influence over the childs decision to take her own life, in my mind, means that they should prosecute to the full extent of the law. This, looking at the effect the legal system would have, may well cause other adults to think twice before taking similar such actions over minors, as they would be aware of what the possible consequences would be, and so I think it would be a positive step for the legal system to take.

      Let’s not forget the fact that this was a thirteen year old here. A person who, at that age, invariably seeks guidance from adults…

  • Sherry

    I am sick of everyone blaming the parents of this girl for having mental problems and for being on myspace. . First of all a lot of mental problems are a result of a chemical imbalance of the brain which is a physical as well as a mental condition. I know about this because I am a nurse and I also have a chemical imbalance. The parents couldn’t have foreseen this girls suicide because they would have tried to stop it. I feel complete sorrow for Megan  Meier and her family . There are tons of kids on myspace and the only person to blame for this is that ‘SHE DEVIL’ Lori Drew. Lori Drew took advantage of a child she knew had mental problems and all for something so silly as "I wanted to see what she said about my daughter". I would put her on the same scale as Wanda Holloway, the Texas mother, who tried to have her daughter’s cheerleading rival’s mother murdered. I mean come on how ignorant is this stuff by parents just for juvenile stuff like wanting their child on  the  cheerleading squad and wanting to know if someone said something bad about their child. I absolutely agree that Lori Drew should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I also think her employee and daughter should be in trouble also.

  • Jacob

    I send my sincere sympathies to the family of this girl.  It is a terrible tragedy to lose a child under any circumstances.  I know this from personal experience and the pain is indescribable.

    Honestly, we do need to realize that common sense here would show that a dangerous precedence could be set here if another can be prosecuted for the self-inflicted suicide of another person.  Let’s understand that even a child of 13 can still understand right from wrong and even be prosecuted in court for a crime against another.  In some states a teen can be prosecuted as an adult for capital crimes.

    What is so dangerous here is that everyone wants someone to blame.  That is the problem with society today is that few are willing to accept responsibility for anything.  I am not here to blame the parents or Drew for what happened here.  This boy could have been real and the same could have happened.  Why would you hold the boy responsible if he was real?

    The fact remains that the girl inflicted harm upon herself and it is a tragedy but you can not try to shift the blame to another.  These kids are not as dumb as you think!  I hold my three children accountable for their actions and challenge them to always do their personal best and ALWAYS remember that no matter what…. Dad and mom love them and will ALWAYS be willing to listen.  To me this is the best a parent can do to stay involved in your children’s lives at any age.  What the child does is of his or her own consequence since you can not protect them 100%.  It is rediculous to keep passing laws to punish others you don’t even know or pass judgment on someone because you want someone to blame.

    That is like saying all Islamic people are terrorists or those on the sex offender list are all predators (one might be your child who has sex with his girlfriend when he is 16 and she is 15).  Be careful who you blame because one day the blame could be directed at you. 

  • http://www.sketchplanet.com Drawings

    Suicide is a loser’s way out really, but to be urged to do it..now that’s sick.

  • Alex


    Some people believe Lori Drew was not responsible for the death of  a 13 year old girl, their main arguments stand as follows:

    1. Kids tell each other the meanest shit every day, should they be put in jail?

    2. Kids should be brought up believing the internet is imaginary and should discard everything they hear

    3. The Parents should of monitored their Childs’ internet chatting

    4. Myspace is an "adult social meeting site", it’s not for children

    Okay first off, the difference between kids telling each other mean things, and adults targeting the weaknesses of a 13 year old girl are staggering, this "mother", this adult who has a daughter of her own, knew about the person who she was slandering, knew about her mental state, knew about her flaws, due to this knowledge she could hurt her in unbelievable ways. 90% of all "playground" smearing is done by people who don’t like each other. Not a person you trust, due to hours of chatting, this women got close to her victim before murdering her. She got the trust of the girl, and then when she was weakest, and most vulnerable, she attacked, ultimately causing the death of a poor girl.

    The internet is not so imaginary; as we are brought up we learn through personal experiences that the internet is reliable, whether through school reports, or projects. We learn that the internet is hardly ever wrong about anything.

    As a teenager myself, I can understand more than most of you here, that parents can’t monitor what we do. We do what we want on the internet, and no old timer that doesn’t even know how to access the internet, will ever be able to hinder us. We teenagers are on our computers most of the day, talking to friends and reading blogs. Through this much experience we know how to get past your simple minded website blocks you put up. That being said, I also think it is ridiculous that some of you would even suggest that parents should have so much control that they choose our friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. Think about when you were a child, did you ever listen to your parents when they told you that you couldn’t see some person that you like. We are children but we must be given the responsibility to choose who we hang out with.

    Myspace is not an adult meeting site, almost every person in my friends list is someone I know from school, it has risks but so does everything. If teenagers were not on Myspace then, we would be somewhere else, and there wouldn’t be a Myspace left. Myspace only survives through the teenage age bracket that it advertises to.

    I would like to conclude that while Lori Drew did something atrocious, and unjustified, she should not be punished under the extent of the law. Suicide is a personal matter; it doesn’t mean your weak, just tired. Tired of the world and how it has been treating you. Lori Drew will be punished on a different level, through realization that she aided the death of a child. While Drew was responsible in pushing the young girl towards the cliff, it was the choice of the child’s to jump. If the law prosecutes people over a different person’s choice then we are going to see unheard of ramifications, including callous abuse of the judicial system, and a devolving society thrusting their own moral guidelines into the court, a court which must be based on an impersonal biased jury to survive.     

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