Lay Your Firm Foundation!

    March 15, 2003

For over 5 months to date I have been floundering along learning more about I-Marketing. I have subscribed to free eCourses, and eZines. I have collected many free eBooks and eReports. Many of these once had a price tag. I firmly believe once something is written, it is ancient history. Think about it…if you discovered a new method to make money on the Internet, would you immediately tell everybody about it…before you maximized your profit potential? Afterwards, you could make more profit by sharing your experiences. Finally, you would give it away to publicize yourself and find a market for your next “for sale” ePublication.

I don’t believe I will ever reach “guru” status until I learn to “think” like a “guru.” I slowly acquire this via osmosis from reading everything I can. I don’t consider myself all that “bright.” However, if I keep getting the same information over and over again from different sources, eventually I’m going to “get it.” Call me “Jokko, the Trained Monkey.”

Early on I made two purchases – one from Jim Daniels and one from Corey Rudl. In following both I have gotten some very crystal clear direction. There are many other sources which have helped me to attain my present level of understanding. And I value them all.

OK, Robert, pick one! [Read this article in its entirety at – ( )] I was fortunate to purchase one of his “dinged-up” copies at a good discount. I have taken my time digesting all his information. Almost every idea that comes via my computer can trace it’s source back to his basic building blocks. He has become one of my “standards” for evaluating new information.

Adding 2 plus 2 hasn’t really changed since it was first considered. However, applications of the principle are abundant and varied. 2 kiwis plus 2 kiwis = ??? A very “different” answer when talking about roos – you Aussies understand that one… Or two stones plus two stones = ??? Principles don’t change – Applications do.

This I-marketer was there in the beginning, learned and tested ideas and wrote them down. I greatly value what he offers. I’m about half way through his second manual (#2 of 2) and will soon get into the included 2 CD’s. I take my time to digest all his information. I compare information from other sources. I maximize my learning curve. Before any classical vocalist can effectively utilize “rubato” and “arpeggios” they must learn the basic notes, keys and musical structures. They must lay a firm foundation before they can ever interpret their art. Even, their diaphragm muscle has to be carefully trained in order to “support” their voice.

Likewise with Internet Marketing! You must build from a firm foundation. This I-marketer offers these solid foundation bricks. Yes – I am one of his Affiliates.

Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at – Subscribe to his “Free for Life” newsletter – “CyberSpaceMarketeer” – Receive your Free eBook.