Killing Bad Search Results with Reputation Management

New Online Reputation Management Tool Emerges

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A company called Visible Technologies has just released a new online reputation management solution. It’s called TruRepuation, and aims to provide individuals and companies alike an effective way to manage their reputation in search engine results.


“With more than 8.6 billion searches happening online in the month of April 2009 alone, search engines are the primary tool people use to navigate the Internet," says Jim Webber, executive vice president of TruReputation, Visible Technologies. "The influx of consumer-generated content on the Web, which can be highly biased or inaccurate, has caused the dynamic of search result rankings to rapidly fluctuate, making search reputation management even more of an imperative for individuals and businesses than ever before."

For Businesses, TruReputation allegedly helps protect reputations by:

- Serving as an early warning and protection system for potential crisis issues

– Mitigating crisis damage reflected in search engine results

– Repairing and rebuilding brand reputation

– Protecting and defending brand reputation by promoting the most accurate and relevant brand content

For individuals, it does so by:

- Helping individuals establish and own their name space in search results

– Promoting, defending and managing individual reputations by raising the visibility of the most relevant and accurate content

– Serving as an early warning and protection system for potential crisis issues

– Mitigating crisis damage and rebuilding name reputation in search engine results

Along with the solution, the company has launched an index for representing reputation across all the major search engines. They call this index the TruReputation Score.

There are already plenty of tools out there that can help you manage your online reputation. One of the more well-known ones is Andy Beal’s Trackur. There are also Google alerts, and Twitter search, which can both be especially helpful. Here’s an article that has 34 different tools you can use.

No matter what tool(s) you use to get the job done (ok, keep the job going…), there’s no question that online reputation management is an issue that has to be dealt with for many. If you never have to deal with it consider yourself lucky, but those who don’t will probably only be more rare as time goes on. If you want to read about some tips for keeping a good reputation, read this article.

Killing Bad Search Results with Reputation Management
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