Job Wars: Networks Versus Boards

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The future of finding employment via the Internet will make ‘who you know’ very important, but getting a start will be a function of ‘what you know’ and what positions you can find to get in the door.

"The gold standard in the recruiting industry," LinkedIn corporate communications director Kay Luo told me, "is the quality passive job candidate."

We were talking by phone about stuff like her job network firm, job boards like the Monsters and CareerBuilders out there, and what eMarketer had to say about LinkedIn’s job growth. It took some doing to get the call going, with Kay biking to her Silicon Valley office and in need of caffeine, me fighting the invasion of the Kentucky spring cold that left me with a passable imitation of Jeff Bridges’ voice.

Fortunately for you, we are true professionals, or at least play them online.

The passive job candidate represents what employers want: someone who knows their work and is good enough at it to have secured a position doing it with a company. Look around the office for the person everyone goes to for answers because he or she knows their stuff.

That’s the ideal job candidate, the person who doesn’t even know he wants another job and isn’t actively looking for one. If he isn’t job searching on a dedicated board, he’s invisible to Monster or CareerBuilder.

What’s worse, Kay said, is he may have been a job seeker using those boards at one time, leaving his résumé on the board while job hunting. Once he’s got that job, the résumé probably goes stagnant from not being updated.

On LinkedIn, a job profile is a "career permalink," one that stays with the person instead of the person needing to go back and find it. There’s an efficiency present with networking that the find/apply/hope someone will notice model of job boards can’t match.

Corporate America has taken notice of social networking. When their human resources people aren’t busily digging up pictures of prospective job candidates from their college sophomore years on MySpace or Facebook, they are looking for passive candidates.

Jeffrey Grau at eMarketer said in a report: "The proliferation of social networking sites, blogs and online discussion groups organized around niche topics enables employers to find job candidates with specialized knowledge and skills."

That seems to lead in to LinkedIn’s growth to ten million members. Job boards have their place, but the forward thinking collegian is going to network enough to let employers do the work of finding him even as he looks for that first opportunity in the working world.

Job Wars: Networks Versus Boards
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  • Craig Silverman

    The job market right now in many sectors is showing high demand with lots of open positions and short on supply with not enough candidates.

    Companies looking to find top talent should be advertising their positions on job boards, participating on social networking sites and teaming up with professional recruiters to help them.

    The battle is not really between tradition job boards and social networking site because the lines are already blurred. If you are a candidate looking for work you have to do many things to improve you chances of landing the ideal job for you. Below are a few things to help you:

    Create your packaging

    > Cover letter
    > Resume
    > Reference list
    > Electronic format – email, job board
    > Know exactly what you are looking for: location, industry, position
    > Customize your package for each opportunity

    Wage a campaign

    > You are the product
    > Sell yourself!
    > Work with professional recruiters to help your search
    > Attend networking events and visit social networking websites
    > Ask for referrals; get in touch with all your contacts
    > Post your resume and search the job boards
    > Set up face to face meetings with hiring managers
    > Be very selective, ask questions
    > Practice interviewing, role-play
    > Make direct calls to a target list of select companies you are interested in joining

    About Craig Silverman:

    Craig’s sales and sales management career spans 19 years. He is considered to be an expert on the job market, staffing industry and recruiting trends. He has been quoted by the press in publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Francisco Business Journal, Fortune.com, Knowledge Management Magazine and Staffing Industry Report. Craig has been invited to speak regularly to groups such as the Pinnacle Society, American Staffing Association, Churchill Club, TiE, NACCB, and the Software Publisher’s Association. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, and in 2000 completed the Harvard Business School, OPM – Key Executive Program.

    Craig is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HireAbility.com, where he is responsible for building a new model for the staffing industry by banding together a global network of independent recruiters, corporate recruiters and staffing firms to form a Recruiting Exchange Network. HireAbility members work together to staff positions in all major niche staffing markets, including IT, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Legal, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Executive Search.

    Craig can reached via email at csilverman@hireability.com

    • Robert

      Nothing says ‘professional’ like advertising via comment spam…nice going, Craig!

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  • http://jobdud.com/joblisting/list Guest

    Another variation on job networks versus job boards:

    Job search aggregator wih

    On http://jobdud.com/ , you can find aggregated job listings provided by indeed and job reviews alongside.

  • Guest

    This site is the biggest scam , on the Internet. They are NOT a friendly Professional business site. To network, means to meet new people in your related Industry. They don’t advertise the fact that the first time you send an email to add a contact, that person can send the ”don’t know you” response, and then with very few,,like 3..they lock your account down, to have to ”know everyone you send an add to. Kinda of defeats the idea, of BUSINESS NETWORKING!  I NEVER SPAM!  To be a treated like one was a real insult. No one is home in customer service, auto-responses only.  It’s just a trick, to get you to upgrade, more money! AND, they also have a very low classed- environment, [ MONEY DOESN’T BUY CLASS] That uses the dreaded” don’t know you response” to dishonestly, eliminate the competition. They send that response on you to purposely , use linkedin’s stupid ”rule” to keep you from being on the site to network, because they know, how easy it is to get your site locked.  I was told, if you pay, we will fix it, $200 per month later…still can’t use my account, and they kept my money. It’s not a proper business model for any professional. What I found there was the pre-school bullies,,, all grown up, still much more egotistical. Are you good enough to join our group of pathetic losers??? No, Thankfully I guess not. I will be blogging about this much hyped, poor business site, EVERYWHERE!!  To save good people from this very bad experience.  Don’t believe the hype of this poorly run site.  First of all,,,does everyone in the World ”know each other”?? Most of all, read your own advertisements!!! It doesn’t say ”network site for only people who know each other” or, we will keep your money, and lockdown your networking abilities if 3 people say ”they don’t” know you!  False advertising, insulting to real professionals, who think it’s a real networking site. No warning til after they take your money, about the hidden-unwritten rules. Also, the REAL spammers,  that PAID the highest monthly rate..still networking, NOT CLOSED DOWN! my average, 80 contacts knew me, only 3 said they didn’t. So 3 out of 80!!! I’m Definitely NOT a spammer. Someone needs to put these guys out of business. SOON…. This situation is so common, that their is a group on their site called ”toplinked” and, they have better respectful members.  The main thing was the total ruthless attitude of the linkedin members, and lack of respect by the managers and owners of this site.  I paid for them to insult me.
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