Jane Goodall Institute Google Earth Geoblog

    August 1, 2006

How about another buzzword.. this time it comes from the Jane Goodall Institute who are using aweblog that uses Google’s Earth’s spinning globe as its backdrop.

When you click on a blog entry, the globe image spins to eastern Africa and then slowly hones in on the 35-square kilometer Gombe National Park, represented by high resolution satellite images. The Jane Goodall Institute was the first to create a Google geoblog.

From the official PR… “JGI launched the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog in January 2006 with daily updates from field researcher Emily Wroblewski, who is studying paternity among the chimpanzees. Her entries give us a glimpse of the delights and rigors of chimpanzee field research and an ongoing view of the research program begun by Jane Goodall in 1960. Emily is trying to determine if paternal relatives treat each other in special ways, favoring each other, for example, through grooming or sharing of meat.”

Check out the blog: www.janegoodall.org


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